Mega Partnering Is the “Big Game” of Power Gatherings

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Industry tycoons and leaders, chief executives, small businesses, government leaders, celebrities, and academics around the world are headed to Dallas, Texas, May 3-6 for Mega Partnering V, the World’s # 1 Wealth Networking Conference, where entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and internet info marketers gather to accomplish three things:

  1. Network with A-Players (raise capital, and find partners, opportunities, and joint ventures)
  2. Learn what’s working and what’s not from the best entrepreneurs and speakers in the world
  3. Build their credibility and branding by rubbing shoulders and taking pictures with the entrepreneurial elite

To View Past Speeches for Free, Visit www.MegaPartnering.com

Mega Partnering V is a conference that draws a wide range of decision makers, including former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Eric Trump, Donald’s right hand man George Ross, and KISS’s Gene Simmons, ostensibly to contemplate how to help you make more deals, more relationships, and create your own economy. And in the middle of all of these power people is YOU.

Mega Partnering is held in such high regard because it attracts the highest quality attendees. Millionaires, multi-millionaires, industry leaders, and celebrities come together and find ways to do business. And, as we know, in business it’s not what you know, or who you know — but rather who knows you. You see, relational capital is one of the most important components for success in today’s ever-changing market. Mega Partnering is not a sale-a-thon with parades of speakers selling their books and tapes. But rather, it’s about networking with and learning from some of the most successful, current, and relevant entrepreneurs.

How does it work?

On one side, we reach out to A-list entrepreneurs, politicians, and celebrities to teach us their insights on their individual keys to success.

On the other side, we conduct an aggressive marketing campaign to attract influential and affluent individuals from all walks of life and business to meet and successfully network with these A-list entrepreneurs, politicians, and celebrities.

In the middle is YOU. You have the very rare and unique opportunity to network with both sides…smack in the middle of this power vacuum of success. Whether you are looking to…

  • Fund for your deals or project
  • Find partners to joint venture with you
  • Infiltrate other people’s circle of influences
  • Increase your network
  • Brand yourself or your business
  • Get new marketing ideas to grow your business
  • Find out what kind of business you would like to get into…

At Mega Partnering there is something for everyone.

What Are the Levels of Admittance?

  • Founders’ “All Access Pass” Level
  • Chairman Level
  • VIP Plus Pictures Level
  • VIP Level
  • General Admission

As the levels increase, so do the possibilities. From meet and greets with keynote speakers to personal concierges to gala dinners and cocktail parties, you have the option of making this experience an up close and personal one.

How Is Mega Partnering Different?

The idea came about after its founder, JT Foxx, watched an episode of “60 Minutes” where the World Economic Forum in Davos was being profiled. The World Economic Forum is where World Leaders, billionaires, Fortune 500 CEOs, and superstars get together to network and learn from each other. People like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, President Bill Clinton, and Bono are ALL regulars at this yearly conference. More deals, more policies, and more relationships are made at this conference than at any other time. WOWed by this episode, Mr. Foxx tried to apply despite of its very steep price tag of $180,000. He knew it would be worth it, but after calling, they flat out rejected him because he didn’t meet the requirements to attend.

Frustrated and disappointed, instead of dwelling on this he decided to start his own conference for small business owners, investors, entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and those looking to take their life and business to the next level, and give them unprecedented access that they normally wouldn’t have. Essentially, the same type of convention as the World Economic Forum but with an entrance fee much lower than $180,000.

Hence, that is how Mega Partnering came to be, and went on to become the world’s # 1 wealth networking event with attendees from Canada, Australia, UK, all the way from Dubai, and of course, America. Now preparing for its 5th SOLD OUT conference, Mega Partnering V is sure to sell out again — much like past power gatherings.

Furthermore, the difference is that unlike other events where headliners and speakers come and go, you will get the opportunity to get pictures with key headliners, have dinner with them, and network with them personally. Not only can this open big opportunities for you, but the picture opportunities alone will lead to great branding tools for your websites, facebook, and other personal branding vehicles.

All it takes is one person, one deal, and one opportunity to change your life.

We guarantee that you will find all three at Mega Partnering V in Dallas, Texas May 3-6, 2012.

To apply visit www.megapartnering5.com for current and future exclusive events.

For media requests, interviews or questions please email Media@MegaPartnering.com


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